Volkswagen Tiguan reintroduced in GTE Active Concept form


VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept

The Volkswagen team continued to wipe the floor of their competitors at the North American International Auto Show with a remake of the VW Tiguan called the Tiguan GTE Active Concept. Unlike most concept cars, the VW Tiguan GTE might actually go into  production soon as VW is already dropping a new version of the Tiguan.

The Tiguan GTE is rather extra special, it uses a combination of traditional fuel and electric power to give it a range of 580 miles, which is 933 in kilometers. The gas engine is Volkswagen’s traditional and effective TSI engine which offers 33mpg. But Tiguan GTE’s efficiency and economy is not the only reason why I say it is extra special, this amazing machine’s 580 miles don’t only have to be spent on the road, it has off-road capabilities! The Tiguan GTE has VW’s all-wheel-drive 4Motion system which features six Active Control programs each with their own purpose and functions. This already to me, sounds dead impressive.

The new VW Tiguan GTE’s bodywork suggests that it has been going to the gym to do some bodybuilding. The car is bigger and certainly more muscular, it has what is called BFGoodrich’s  legendary All Terrain T/A tyres, a much more sturdy roof treatment, as well as some added contrast to the body clothing. Did I mention that it also has integrated auxiliary lighting? The Tiguan GTE looks like it’s ready to take on the big dogs such as Jeeps and Land Rovers.

VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept interior

The interior also had its shopping list, it has dark aluminum trim panels that are used on both the door panels as well as the instrument surround, the stylish steering wheel packs a dark chrome to give it an up-market look and feel. There are also some accents on the air-vent surrounds which are covered in a colour they call “Dragon Red” to promote the sturdy theme along with the two-tone seating upholstery. Another wonderful toy added to the cabin is an infotainment which features a 9.2-inch high resolution touchscreen with an updated version of Volkswagen’s Active Info Display gauge cluster, this has a highly customizable display layout which can display ten different types of content such as Media, phone, special toys for the off-road 4Motion program like an altimeter and a compass.

The VW Tiguan GTE is really all a car you will ever need. And, as I’ve mentioned, we’re already getting a version of the Tiguan which gives the GTE Active Concept a real possibility to come into production.VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept

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