Volkswagen Tiguan SUV Reviewed



Volkswagen Tiguan is a genuine family car especially designed for small families with a capacity to accommodate up to five people. Tiguan offers rugged 4×4 looks and good outdoor abilities along with great comfort on city streets as well as highways.

Tiguan has been designed keeping in mind the city and highway driving conditions. Moreover, the car is also capable of some off-road abilities. All such features make Tiguan one of the top and compact crossover SUVs available in the UK. Tiguan with its strong driving positions, spacious interiors, easy parking and best safety features along with its standard family car usability is a great car to own.

The easy adjustable driving position of Tiguan helps in making it a fun to ride car on any road. The various models in the range are available with either front or four-wheel drive. Despite being costly, the BlueMotion diesel models are fitted with good equipment and accessories. These accessories include stop-start button and regenerative braking to increase fuel economy. With these accessories, you can be assured of a bland of efficiency and powerful performance.

Priced within the range of £21,520 and £31,590, Tiguan is a high quality car both within and outside. If you count some of the advantages of Tiguan, they would be spacious interior with a quality feel, comfortable, and economical diesel engine amongst others.

In terms of drive, both the models, four-wheel and front-wheel, are enjoyable and easy. Tiguan offers adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, which gives ideal driving positions. Moreover, the model offers three petrol and three diesel engines to choose from.

When it comes to comfort, all the versions of Tiguan are best on all types of road, and their controls are user-friendly too. The car offers enough head and legroom in front and back. It is a good value for money car with good equipment, but a bit expensive than the regular crossovers.

The 2.0-litre TDI diesel BlueMotion Tech is the most deserving, efficient and fuel economy model. Producing 109bhp, the car returns 53.3mpg and releases 139g/km of CO2. Another benefit is that VW offers fixed-price servicing, which help keep costs down.

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