Volkswagen Works with Akrapovic for Golf R Exhaust

"Volkswagen desired a distinctive sound character for one of its flagship cars..."

Image credit: VW Vortex

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the Mk7 Golf R would be getting a few upgrades, one of them being a new titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name Akrapovic, it is an exhaust manufacturing company located in Slovenia. And they have developed an all-new titanium exhaust specially designed for the new Golf R.

Created by the joint forces of Volkswagen engineers and Akrapovic employees, the new exhaust saves sum 7 kilograms over the traditional OEM unit. To achieve this weight loss, Akrapovic uses advanced tech solutions such as hydroforming, deep drawing, 3D laser cutting, and parts made in their in-house foundry. Mind you, this is the only exhaust manufacturer with an in-house titanium foundry.

According to VW Vortex, the titanium alloys used to give unit exceptional anti-corrosion properties and high-temperature resistance. Also, the system has been set for the exhaust to have the most direct route out the laser-engraved and protective coated quad-pipes.

Akrapovic also conducted extensive sound engineering. The Golf R was taken to the dynamic, as well as road tests for sound measurements. Akrapovic created and tested many different prototypes along the way, adjusting, fine-tuning, and evaluating each prototype to get the best configuration for the perfect sound.

“This is another proud moment in the history of Akrapovic and one we are delighted to be part of,” says Akrapovic CEO, Uros Rosa. “Volkswagen desired a distinctive sound character for one of its flagship cars and it wanted a unique sound allied to an innovative and high quality exhaust system, all aimed at complementing the Golf R.”

The new Golf R will also have more power, and will be equipped with a few aerodynamic tools which will surely make it more aggressive for its occupants. The spectators though, will probably be led into thinking that the exhaust system is the star of the Golf R.

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