Volkswagen’s Effort for Market Stability



It’s not a secret that Volkswagen is considered one of the major producers of automobiles in the whole world. Another thing that’s not a secret though is the fact that the company dived to bankruptcy due to overspending and mismanagement on the part of some people in the management team. With the arrival of Piëch, Volkswagen saw a streak of light which can probably give back the esteemed name of the company as well as the success it garnered in the past. But it’s not as easy as it seems. The company redirected its position in the market and is again beginning to take control of their expenses and profits. The company has also set new goals for to bring a wave of optimism.

With the partnerships and alliances formed in the automobile market, the competition is becoming fiercer. The good thing about the stronger Volkswagen Company is the fact that strategies have been thought well enough to break through the fierce competition. One of the strategies deemed too important to mention is the diversion of the marketing niche from papers and television to online video presentations and ads. This only goes to show how the company is adapting excellently to the change of times. But this does not mean that the marketing strategy of the company is only focusing on the online market. What’s evident is the balance marketing the company is portraying in television, press, web and social media connections.

Aside from the marketing aspect, Volkswagen has also strengthened its hold on the market by being able to produce cars worth to have and for which the market, especially vintage fanatics, would drool for. Factories all over the world are operating excellently mainly because of competitive car models such as Eos, Golf and Jetta Sedan. With new models to look forward to and new market positioning, Volkswagon will surely rise to the top again like in the past.

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