Volkswagen’s latest Golf GTI commercial


German automaker Volkswagen has launched a new commercial for the Golf GTI, which is very unique and might be called as “notice your environment.”

The concept features Tanner Foust in a new Golf GTI with over 30 GoPro cameras fixed to the car. The ad then features the professional racing driver doing whatever he intends with the sports hatch.

Though it might seem easy, but in reality it is quite difficult, which is realized on seeing multiple views of shots in the ad. So the next time you watch the Golf GTI commercial just remember to notice the left side of the screen because at one moment you will be allowed to switch to an option of different views available.

And exactly at that point you the video leaps to another part of the “Turbocharge The Everyday”commercial, where they show the same scene from a different GoPro camera angle.

It would take a while to get it though, but once you grasp the ad, you will definitely enjoy the commercial more than ever. Moreover with Tanner Foust doing all those exhausting stunts on the Golf GTI, it definitely enhances the viewing experience.

Have you seen the commercial of the latest Golf GTI? The company is giving a free camera to the US customers.


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