Volkswagen’s new Think Blue campaign



Just before the launch of its new Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion, the German automaker is not leaving any opportunity to grab the attention of the auto aficionados. This time Volkswagen has kicked start its new advertising campaign based on the theme of ‘Think Blue’ on 5th of August. ‘Think Blue’ is an innovation that has been deliberated to flaunt the Brand’s key corporate objective of sustainability.

Think Blue puts across the message of being eco-friendly and stimulates people to join in by intensifying public awareness for sustainable action. The campaign endeavours the public by means of an atypical modus operandi called music painting. Volkswagen states that the name ‘Think Blue’ picks up the line of the renowned ‘Think Small’ advertising slogan used for VW Beetle in 1960s campaign. The highlights of their product and technology from past, present and future are brought down on a sheet of music escorted by the Beach Boys hit “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

Visit the website and you can learn some fuel saving tips and a lot more about ‘Think Blue’ project.

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