Volkswagen’s silver jacket campaign for its new Jetta


volkswagen silver jetta

Volkswagen has always managed to grab the market’s eyeballs with its extraordinary marketing strategies. Earlier this year the brand had come up with the teaser video for its Up! city car and now it is the time to promote the brands all new Jetta.

The metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai on 29th August, had their newspaper wrapped in a glossy silver jacket as a false cover promoting the new Jetta. The German brands Media AOR Mediacom as always is responsible for this innovative campaign. A TVC and a social network campaign on twitter entitled ‘anything4jetta’ are also created as a part of the promotion.

jetta contest silver

The marketing head Lutz Kothe on using the silver jacket clarifies that silver is their communiqué color and the jackets signifies the Jetta. The thick cover symbolizes the quality of the car and the shimmer of the silver color implies the all new design of the new Jetta. What a thinking!!! Also the twitter campaign “anything4jetta” allows its users to tweet the craziest things to take a Jetta home. And this unique technique has already become the most trending topic on Twitter in India.

But well it’s not at all surprising as Volkswagen since past two years has come up with some of these extraordinary techniques of marketing and has worked exceedingly well for their new products. What more can I say just Kudos to the marketing team of Volkswagen who bring us such novel and unique ideas of promotion.

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