Volkswagen’s Two Wheel Concept – The E-Scooter


Following suit with other car manufacturers, Volkswagen has designed a two wheel concept that they showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show last week. The E-scooter is an electric motorbike which seems to be the latest trend nowadays on the back of the various electric car concepts.

The E-scooter weighs a mere 20kg without its battery, which is a nickel-metal hybrid, and can be removed from the scooter for charging indoors. The motor produces 350 watts and can travel 40 miles on one charge reaching a maximum speed of 30 mph. VW says that this can be greatly extended by adding a Lithium Ion battery to the bike and the performance could be enhanced with a 700 watt motor.

While they are still working out the kinks, the E-scooter will also be upgraded later on to include LED lights, regenerative braking technology and a leather seat. A trial fleet is planned for late 2012 and Volkswagen is working out the business side of things, encouraging hubs to be created at train stations where people can rent the bikes.

VW e-scooter

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