Volkswagen’s Up! city car Teaser To Allure You!



First the German brand was seen holding a Fun Theory Award in a joint venture with DDB, and then it came in news for the announcement of participating in Formula 1 very soon and now is this Volkswagen’s new teaser video for its imminent Up! city car.


Volkswagen is all over the news again with the release of a short teaser video for its upcoming Up! city car. The video highlights the ‘tease’ factor. The video clip is different from the usual ones as it offers something more than the à la mode metropolitans enjoying a mark of leisure jump. The clip focuses on the poignant facet of the Up! city car’s promotion. The car is all set to have a solo debut in Paris at the end of this month along with a Frankfurt Moto show debut in September.

Technical details for the Up! are yet to be exposed. Till then you can enjoy the teaser.

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