VW Aqua Concept Car


VW Aqua Concept Car is an imagination of a 21 year old Industrial design female student named Zhang Yuhan from the Xihua University of China. The idea behind this Aqua concept car was to deal with the range of landscape covering China. The model was a finalist in the CDN VW Car Design Awards China, a competition of imagination of juvenile designers, in the category of “Chinese off-road Vehicle”. The competition was all about bringing innovative designs for all off road vehicles i.e. on surfaces like water, snow, soil etc.

VW Aqua Concept Car features air bearings that have the skill to pass through a range of surfaces like sea, canal, marshland, mud, snow etc. The Volkswagen Aqua consist of two electric motors: the foremost motor acquires power from a hydrogen fuel cell .The major motor is positioned under the chassis and is in charge for elevating the car by compelling high pressure air under the craft. The hydrogen fuel cells include four propellers which are used to drive the main fan and the other fans, located at the back and are powered by individual electric motors. These additional motors are used to shove the car move frontward. The supplementary rear propellers give a visual impression of conventional wheels.

And here comes the main feature of the Volkswagen Aqua Concept car. It is not a single person driven car. The hovercraft has room for two passengers. Umm!!! Looks nice! But will it turn real?

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