VW Beetle Dune Concept to unveil in Detroit



When it comes to the dune buggy conversions, Beetle has contributed immensely with its compact size and rear engine layout. Looking at the huge contribution of the 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle Dune Concept, the
German company is now once again planning to create more such cross-country and rugged versions of the Beetle. To start with the auto maker has just confirmed the debut of Beetle Dune Concept to be unveiled next week at the Detroit Auto Show.

The information of the latest debut has been rendered in a single teaser image and it seems that this new Beetle would include everything that a pure concept vehicle requires. However, the press release being released not only hints ‘potential’ for production, but also indicates that the design of this concept is ‘more feasible’ as compared to the earlier Dune Concept from 2000.

As far as styling of the Beetle Dune Concept is concerned, it will have a different front fascia and rocker panels. The vehicle will receive a two-inch lift along with larger and more solid tires to provide additional traction.

The Beetle Dune Concept is based on the Beetle R-Line and has similar features like front-wheel-drive layout and turbocharged engine. However, VW might try to fit the all-wheel-drive footings of a Tiguan in this new Beetle so that it becomes even better in off-road conditions. It is just an assumption though.

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