VW DIY Tips: Changing the Air Mass Meter on a VW Sharan – Part 3


So far, we have learnt how to remove the air mass meter from your VW Sharan and now we will cover how to go about putting in a new one.

Putting in the new air mass meter is a reverse of the process we did to remove it.

Step 6:

Fit the old ‘O’ ring onto the new air mass meter

Step 7:

Refit the air mass meter back into the airbox lid

Step 8:

Clip the airbox lid back onto the airbox, but ensure that the panel filter is correctly seated.

Step 9:

Reconnect the plastic pipe to the other end of the air mass meter and fit the clamping ring on securely.

Step 10:

Lastly, reconnect the wiring.

This is how to change the air mass meter. What you should do now is leave the battery power disconnected for at least 30 minutes so that the Vdub’s ECU (on board computer) will reset and pick up the new readings on the air mass meter. You can do this before you start, or do it at the end of the install.

VW Sharan

VW air mass meter Sharan

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