VW to expand its SUV “family” with the Tiguan XL

Image credit: John Mollroy

Image credit: John Mollroy

The Volkswagen brand really seems to be planning to contribute greatly to the growth of SUV models; not only have they revealed the stream of crossovers that they’re planning to produce in the near future, they’ve now also revealed that there are new models that are to expand the SUV family. Said to debut in the UK soon are the Tiguan XL and a more stylish Tiguan Coupé.

The Tiguan Coupé will be a more style oriented version of the Tiguan, it is set to be in competition with the likes of the Range Rover Evoque. The Tiguan XL on the other hand is a stretched version of the original Tiguan, it will offer 7 seats and a 110mm longer wheelbase.

The Tiguan XL,  that is due on sale in April in the UK, is the first SUV from the Volkswagen Group to ride on the MQB chassis platform, it will share components with everything from the Mk7 Golf to the Skoda Octavia. The Tiguan’s MQB – which they internally know it as the A2, is set to be featured in the forthcoming Seat Ateca as well as the next generation Skoda Yeti and Audi Q3.

Volkswagen’s compact car boss Dr Jochen Böhle reveals that the brand is planning to expand its SUV line significantly: “We have plans for a whole Tiguan family over the next two to three years.”

According to Auto Express, Volkswagen recently registered a few names beginning with the letter ‘T’ which they chose as their “house style” for SUVs, the range of names include Teracor, Tribe, Trillium and Terasun. However, Dr Böhle insisted that the Tiguan variants were to continue carrying that model’s badge. He further said that the name Tiguan is almost like a brand in itself and that the company’s product and sales teams believe it will support more than one car.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the Tiguan XL will be produced in South Africa, but with VW’s line of new SUVs on stream, South Africa will certainly get their fair share of the cake.

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