VW flaunts Golf hatchback’s new MQB architecture


VW flaunts Golf hatchback’s new MQB architecture
German carmaker Volkswagen is hopeful of boosting the sales of its new Golf hatchback in the U.S. The carmaker has initiated in this direction by touting the MQB architecture of the car.

The 2015 Golf is soon coming at VW dealerships in the U.S. The MQB technology, which means Modular Transverse Matrix, helps in reducing costs and complexities related to manufacturing. The technology supports numerous models across the globe, including entry-level Skodas to Seats and luxury Audis and Golf.

The cars manufactured with MQB architecture will be available in varying sizes of gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, the MQB technology will also be available in the hybrid powertrains, compressed natural gas, as well as electric motor cars.

Vehicles use the same frames. However, features and appearances can be added and changed as per vehicle type.

According to Hubertus Lemke, head of technical project management of Volkswagen’s r&d division, “The MQB strategy represents a milestone in the design and production of future automobiles with transverse-mounted engines.”

The VW division sales in the United States had sold over 209,697 vehicles, which was down 14 percent, whereas Golf sales are down 29 percent to 13,915 units.

The German carmaker is of the view that MQB architecture will reduce weight and will allow luxury technologies to be installed smoothly in high volume models.

According to Lemke, the plug-in version of the Golf hybrid will allow 31 miles travel on electricity.

The price of the 2015 Golf starts at $18,815, including shipping.

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