VW Golf 2 4Motion with 1010bhp taken to the drag strip


VW Golf 2 4Motion reaches1010bhp on the drag strip

To become one among the 1000bhp camp, it requires money or some real tuning skills. One of the owners of 16Vampir VW Golf 2 belongs to the latter group as he successfully extracted 1010bhp from a 1.8-litre engine.

The Golf was stripped off the interior comforts and its back to weigh less. A giant size turbocharger was added to it.

Have a look at the Racelogic Performance:
0-100kmh in 2,3s
0-200kmh in 5,4s
0-270kmh in 8,7s
Weight: 1135kg (2502lbs) without driver
Quarter mile: 8,65s @ 266kmh

It is amazing to see the car smashing the 0-62mph sprint time in 2.3 seconds. This brute is capable to hit 124mph from a standstill. The modern cars take up more time to reach even 60mph.

Watch the video:

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