The VW Golf GTI’s 40th birthday present!



Boys and girls, your favorite automaker is at it again! Our beloved Volkswagen is celebrating the 40th anniversary of our beloved hot hatch, the Golf GTI. In doing so, they’ve made the most powerful GTI yet – it is the GTI Clubsport!

The Golf GTI Clubsport is effectively a Golf that sits between the GTI Performance Pack and the mighty Golf R. There’s no doubt that this is a special GTI – it packs 261bhp which is 34 more horses than the Performance Pack and this results in a half second quicker 0-100km/h time; the GTI Clubsport hits 100km/h in an impressive 5.9 seconds. The real secret recipe of the GTI Clubsport is its magical ‘boost function’, this function, which works at the pinning of the throttle, adds an access of 10% extra power and torque for 10 seconds; it pushes the power of the car to 286hp which is just 11 horses short of the Golf R! This is a properly fast GTI.

The GTI Clubsport also offers a quite stylish yet effective downforce-producing aero kit. The reworked bodykit consists of a new front bumper and aggressive-looking side sills, there’s also a redesigned rear diffuser and a rather important rear roof spoiler which is set to plant the rear wheels like those of a race car. The Clubsport’s bodykit creates downforce on both axles, this is quite an improvement as it corrects where there was a bit of a lift previously. Air at the front is also channeled through the grills covered in a beautiful colour called piano-black and out through the wheel housing but it doesn’t interfere with the wheels, excellent accomplishment!06-2016-vw-gti-clubsport-frankfurt-1

The GTI Clubsport also offers a rather  celebratory interior. It has a black alcantara steering wheel with a red strip, which is set to deliver a tight and responsive steering. There are also cool sports bucket seats with piano-black backs. The cockpit really shouts that this is a special car. It can be had with either a six-speed manual transmission that has a golf ball-shaped gearstick, or the double-clutch DSG gearbox.


Now that we’ve talked about the hardware toys in this amazing car, there’s one aspect that needs to be uncovered: How well does the GTI Clubsport drive?  Well it has a pack of electronics that are quite convincing; the GTI Clubsport has launch control and puts the power down through either its standard and already grippy tyres or optional semi-slick rubbers which left Greg Fountain saying “it grips like a boxer’s handshake”. There’s also an electronic front locking differential which regulates torque away from the inner wheel during cornering to increase cornering speeds, not forgetting the Electronic Stability Control and what is called the XDS+ vehicle dynamics system. Rear springs and dampers have been revised to the car’s extra power and it has mechanical variable ratio steering which offers less steering input.

Rumour has it that the GTI Clubsport’s asking price will be around £30k which will be around 32k of your American Dollars and R534 605 for South Africans, it is a special car though even for VW which means only a few thousands will be built.


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