VW Greatest Hits: 4 of the Best



VW lovers will have countless reasons for being passionate about this particular manufacturer above all the rest. And the truth is that they have a long history of releasing quality car after quality car. So, when it comes to actually choosing the best of the bunch, this can be a very difficult task. Everyone has their favourites and there is no doubt that you could spark off a long debate with your friends detailing their own particular preferences. So. at the risk of sitting on the fence, let’s take a look at some VWs greatest hits. Don’t forget, they aren’t in any particular order!


Golf MkII
The original MkI Golf is widely credited with sparking off a craze for hatchbacks that has never really gone away. Almost a decade after the original was released, the MkII was launched and arguably made an even bigger impression. Its main advantages were its unbeatable comfort and exceptional quality build. Many VW lovers will remember fondly the GTI model that was released way back in 1984. Indeed, the MkII was one of the best selling cars of the whole of the 1980s.





We couldn’t really have a list of the greatest VWs ever made without giving the Beetle a mention, could we? Surely it is hard not to love this car which ended up being produced for more than 60 years. First and foremost, the actual look of the vehicle itself is iconic – give anyone a picture that they would most likely recognise it. Not only this, its simple construction and durability made it popular throughout its lifespan. Dr Ferdinand Porsche first created the car with the idea of creating an economy vehicle that could also keep up with the high speeds of the autobahn.



Another classic that came out way back in 1974, the Scirocco was designed to look hip and stylish for the new generation of car buyers. Most people remember the second edition which came out in the 1980s with features including front-wheel drive, plus up to 139 hp with the 16-valve 1.8 engine. In terms of looking cool while driving a VW, it doesn’t really get much better than this.



One that has really stood the test of time, the Golf is now incredibly in its seventh generation. Still a very big seller, it combines simple looks with excellent performance and driveability. Looking at the 2017 version, in terms of space and comfort, it is very difficult to fault. Safety is also a top feature, but if you are looking to refresh your own knowledge, you can take a defensive driving traffic school online. The dashboard layout is a lot classier than it once was and it is up there with the most economical cars on the marketplace.


We all know that VW has produced some classic cars, and these are just four of the best. Which model is your own favourite of all time?

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