VW GTI and Underworld’s new innovation: Play the Road App


GTI and Underworld

Volkswagen’s original Golf GTI, which was an innovation project, created a great driving experience for the driving enthusiasts. Now in collaboration with Underworld, VW is creating a new innovative project which will allows the drivers to create music as they drive, thereby resulting in an exciting experience for driving fanatics.

This new innovative app can sense how and where you are driving and has the ability to translate it into music live.

Let’s see how it works. The GTI’s on-board computer gives the car its speed and RPM data, whereas it senses the location data and steering acceleration from its iPhone. The combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS receiver, which are present in your iPhone, gives it the location sense and steering emission.

In addition, the app also uses the PD or Pure Data of the musical programming language and applies it for generating music with live special effects. Thereby, you can create exclusive music with your drive and that too in real time.

To understand the GTI driving experience, let’s go through its different phases of creating music. The first one being the data capture phase. Before composing appropriate driving music, Underworld gathered enough information about the GTI driving experience. They used the accelerometer and gyroscope in the smart phone and captured data recordings of the car performing moves and then cross-examined the data with video footage. After this they started composing based on driving data collected.

Later, with the help of musical program language PD, the music and data were brought together. Various musical themes were attached to diverse data streams. And thereby, with the cars movements or changed locations, it triggers and effects the music in real time.


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