VW Introduces a Hybrid SUV – Part 1


In order to cover all markets, especially in the United States where the Toyota Prius has been a big hit, Volkswagen have decided to add a Touareg Hybrid to the group alongside the Diesel TDI and the Touareg FSI gasoline powered version. The hybrid is expected to give the best city mileage according to company estimates and still retains the usual Touareg features including a 7,700 pound towing capacity and a four wheel drive.

There are also luxury amenities like a panoramic sun roof, leather trimmed seats, heated seats and a heated steering wheel as well as a massive dashboard display and comprehensive navigation system. This is in actual fact the most technically advanced VW to date also performing with a supercharged V6, that is usually found in the Audi S4.

The hybrid also features 2 eco modes that you can drive in along with an 8 speed transmission. The modes that will preserve energy are the shutting off mode, when the engine is not needed, and the regenerative braking for capturing energy to be used by the onboard electric motor.

Read Part 2 for more details about the VW Touareg Hybrid and what it offers.

2011 VW Touareg hybrid

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