VW Phaeton 4.2 V8 on display at the Kuala Lumpur showroom; available at RM639k


Volkswagen’s predominant sedan of all time, the Phaeton 4.2 V8 long wheelbase, is presently on display at F.A. Wagen’s Volkswagen Glenmarie showroom in Malaysia. In fact, the country has just about five units of this luxury sedan available.

In terms of costs, the Phaeton is priced at RM 838, 888 excluding OTR costs and insurance. However, being 2012 units, buyers are getting a discount of RM200k on the luxury car.

The built of the Phaeton is based on the D1 platform of the VW Group. The car comes with a steel frame construction like that of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur unlike the aluminum Space Frame used in the Audi A8.

The Phaeton is equipped with the 4.2 liter non-FSI V8 engine that creates 335 PS at 6,500 rpm, while at 3,500 rpm the car produces 430 Nm of torque. The luxury car covers the range of 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. The car offers a six speed automatic gearbox via which drive reaches the rear wheels.

The unit on display at the Malaysian showroom is of black color with classy brown interior. This is a four-seater unit with its rear bench being divided by a control console in the middle into two electrically adjustable seats. Besides, the luxury sedan also has rear entertainment screens incorporated into the back of the front seat headrests.

Like other Volkswagen models available in Malaysia, the Phaeton also comes with an unlimited mileage warranty of five-years.


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