VW play jokes on bystanders of Stockholm with a Beatboxing e-Up!



Electric vehicles are noiseless when they move on roads at city speeds. In fact, they require artificial sound system to be fitted on them so that passersby could hear the car coming.

Like other electric cars, the VW e-Up! is also silent on roads. This is the reason why the German carmaker wanted to show people the benefits of silent driving by comparing the e-Up! to a conventional vehicle.

With this aim, VW attached its EV with hidden loudspeakers while driving the car through the city of Stockholm in Sweden.  What VW did was to have vocalist and beatbox artist Fatih Sahin sitting on the back seat of the car. And to the surprise of the passersby, the artist imitated driving noises in an original way sitting in the car.

And as it was planned the beatboxing e-Up! was noticed by one and all and was a big hit. Bystanders on the road were surprised by the unusual noises coming from the EV.

Later, buskers also joined with their guitars and flutes at the end with the e-up! passing through the road and thereby adding more fun and entertainment for onlookers.



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