VW Racing Cup 2011 Underway


The first round of the VW Racing Cup with Fuchs Lubricant took place at Oulton Park on Easter Monday, 25th April 2011. The drivers have started the season off on a high note with some excellent driving and top class entertainment. Joe Fulbrook and James Walker were the champions of the day, each taking a win and a second place for rounds 1 and 2. This means that the 2011 championship board starts out as a tie between the two.

They had the following comments about each other after the first race: “To be fair, I think James was quicker into Cascades than me which made things quite tricky. We all had the pace up there at the front, it certainly wasn’t easy but it was quite enjoyable,” said Fulbrook the race-winner, with Walker responding, “I couldn’t really attack Joe like I wanted to but it’s great to be on the podium in the first race.”

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