Why A VW Is Still Great Value For Money



As with all badges, Volkswagen go through periods of different levels of reputation. However, more than most brands, VWs always have a way of coming back out on top. No matter whether you are looking for a little run-around, or the latest diesel-powered beast. Either way, you are bound to find something worthwhile in Volkswagen’s huge range of varied vehicles. One question which is often at the front of many motorists’ minds is whether or not their make is worth the money. With Volkswagen, there can be no doubt as to the answer. In this article, we will be showing you how VWs are still great value for money, every time. Regardless of what kind of car you are on the hunt for, you are bound to be delighted here. Read on to find out what makes Volkswagen still one of the top names out there.


Solid Engine
There are many characteristics which unify all of the cars in Volkswagen’s vast range. However, there are one or two which stand out as being particularly impressive. To begin with, let’s take a look at the engine. This is a perfect example of the brand’s unwillingness to sacrifice any degree of quality. Time and again, what we see here are cars with proper, robust engines. Even if they do tend to err on the side of caution, you are still sure to get machines which pack a fair punch for their size. In essence, Volkswagen have mastered the art of creating compact cars with serious engines. And that is something that the vast majority of motorists could definitely get behind.


Great Fuel Economy
As we are discussing value for money, it only makes sense to at least have a passing mention of fuel economy. Even with the older Polo GTI, you are likely to be continually impressed at how economical these cars truly are. In fact, this particular model is only beaten on fuel economy by the Focus – and that’s saying something. We all know how much of a considerable running cost fuel can be, particularly over the space of many years. With consumption at the level that it is in VW cars, you can be sure that you are saving money in the long run. More to the point, you won’t see any compromises being made in order to deliver that level of economy.


numbers-money-calculating-calculation-largeAlways A Good Investment
Enough about the specs for now. Let’s take a brief look at this range of cars as an investment. If you are someone who likes to invest in vehicles, then you probably already know how useful VW are for that particular reason. But if you are not aware, allow us to enlighten you. Volkswagen’s longstanding reputation means that buying these vehicles is always a good investment. No matter the model, if you invest in one of these, your resale values will always be particularly impressive when compared to many other makes. At the moment particularly, stock levels mean that putting your money in Volkswagens is unlikely to go far wrong. If you are looking for a car purchase which will make your wallet happy in the long run, then you can’t say fairer than this.


All-Round Performance
But enough about that, what about the actual performance of the cars? Well, here too you are still likely to be pleasantly surprised. As we have mentioned, Volkswagen have a massive range of diverse vehicles. This range spreads over many years, and a number of different types. There is one admirable quality which connects them all, however. We are talking about their all-round performance. VW always seem to have a particularly strong focus on providing all-round experiences which you are likely to enjoy. One great quality is that they never skimp on performance to make up for anything else. What you get, more often than not, is a car which is going to stand the test of time on any roads.



Ability To Age
We have spoken a little about this range’s capability for investment. Part of the reason that this is the case is that Volkswagen’s vehicles always seem to age very well. If you think about it for a moment, you will see that this is true. After all, even the oldest are still being used on the roads like reliable workhorses. That’s why you know you are always getting a reliable vehicle, even if you buy it used from a dealership like spire automotive. This ability to age well is something that you don’t always get from your vehicles, so it is always nice to see. From this comes the knowledge that you are investing in something truly worthwhile. That is a great feeling, especially when it comes to handing over the money.


A Comfortable Ride
With all that talk of what the cars can do, let’s not forget that there is more to it too. How a car feels as you drive it is also of imperative importance. Here, too, Volkswagen are always likely to deliver well. It’s true: they consistently make vehicles which are a delight to be inside of. And we’re not just talking about how the interior looks. The level of comfort in their cars is always top of the range. This is not one of their qualities which is always shouted about quite as much. However, it happens to be true. With Volkswagen, you are never going to feel uncomfortable in your own car. And that is one of those small victories which really make all the difference.


Ultimately, it is good to know that the vehicle you are investing in is one which can stand the test of time. Again, there is good news on this front when it comes to the Volkswagen range of cars. Time and again, VW have shown that they can deliver vehicles which won’t cause you much trouble. You won’t find yourself going back to the mechanic very often with these. And that is something that any motorist can get behind easily.

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