VW takes on BMW by upgrading Passat with fighter-pilot display



Passat is Volkswagen AG’s one of the best-selling sedans and the Group is all set to upgrade the car with safety technology that are fighter jet inspired. This way, the German carmaker wants to lure buyers away from upmarket brand names.

The new mainstream model will go on sale in the fourth quarter and will be the first car from Volkswagen AG to be available with a head-up display. The system used in the Passat is similar to the one used on planes like the F-16. The new technology projects data related to speed and navigation commands over the steering wheel of the car on a screen that is retractable. This way, it keeps the focus of the one driving the car on the road. Besides, the technology also provides other futuristic safety options that could bring the car to a halt automatically in case the driver falls asleep.

Since the after sales of the Passat came down last year and was left behind by the 3-Series of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, the German car maker is looking at reclaiming its lead back in the European sedan market by adding this technology. However, this technology is meant to lure buyers of luxury car models only. Since the Passat shares its mechanism with other luxury models like the Golf and Audi A3 compacts, VW could afford to adopt such high-tech features, which lowers costs.

According to VW Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn, The Passat “introduces technologies and features in the mid-market that are otherwise only available in higher segments. The new Passat is going to give the Volkswagen brand a powerful push.”

Passat’s main market is Europe and its sales are forecast to surge 65 percent here by next year. The German car maker made huge investments in production and development of Passat and are hopeful that it will pay off.

Moreover, the starting price of the Passat is approximately 25,875 euros ($35,200), which is 3,400 euros cheaper than its rivals like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Besides, VW aims at tripling its lineup of SUVs soon but until they reach market the German company plans to woo buyers from BMW with its eighth generation of the Passat.

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