VW Tiguan Makes One of Three Finalists in World Car of the Year

Now we know why it's been collecting so many awards

Image credit: VW Vortex

If you’ve been wondering Volkswagen’s latest Tiguan, since its launch last year, has been winning quite a number of awards, I guess you now have your answer; it has been targeting the World Car of the Year award. And perhaps not surprisingly, it is one of three Finalists in this year’s awards.

Since it debuted in Europe last year, the new Tiguan has seen more than 300,000 orders to date. The Tiguan has been “a critical and sales success” as VW Vortex puts it.

There’s also an American version of the Tiguan set to debut in America later in the year. It’s about 11-inches longer than its European counterpart and will be known, in Europe, as the Tiguan Allspace when it arrives in mid-May.

Challenging the Tiguan in the World Car of the Year award is the Jaguar F-Pace and its very own cousin, the Audi Q5. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 13 April at the New York International Auto Show.


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