VW’s Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL) Opens Belmont Location with Tech Day


Volkswagen Group technological think tank, Electronic Research Laboratory (ERL) has opened a new facility in Belmont, Silicone Valley and marked the occasion with a Tech Day. The idea was to spread the word about all the latest gadgets and technologies surrounding the auto industry. ERL wants to show the public how to increase the integration of interactive features including distance and speed calculators, safety tips, how to avoid the traffic and other information.

“The Electronics Research Laboratory is another example of Volkswagen Group of America’s investment in the U.S.,” said Jonathan Browning, the Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO, also mentioning that VW invested a huge amount into the company. “The commitment of the ERL teams to automotive innovation will benefit drivers through safer, more eco-friendly driving experiences, prompted by the technological heartbeat of Silicon Valley. I am excited to help showcase the next generation of mobility today.”


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