Winter Storage: How to Keep Your VW in Top Condition


If you use your VW for touring during the Summer, it may spend some time in storage during the Winter months. It’s good sense to keep your vehicle stored during the worst of the weather, but vehicles do like to be used every so often. Storing your vehicle away, no matter how good your intentions are, could do it more harm than good. So, how do you ensure your VW stays in great condition while in Winter storage?



Prepare Your Car

The mud and dirt that gets into all the crevices of the exterior of your vehicle will hold moisture. That moisture could easily cause corrosion over time, so it’s important to get that dirt out before storing your car. Use a pressure washer to blast all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle and then start the engine so the warmth of the vehicle helps to dry it quicker. Using a good quality wax on your vehicle will also ensure that no airborne pollutants damage the paint while it’s in storage.



You may not spot the potential for dampness while the vehicle is in use during the warmer months, but if you leave your car in storage, you could come back to find the car filled with damp. Moisture can build up on the inside of the windows quickly and spread to your seats and other interior materials. Keep the back windows partially open, but be careful not to open them wide enough for rodents to jump in.



Get Your Vehicle Checked

There may be some obvious signs that your vehicle needs repair before being stored away, but to the untrained eye, they aren’t always easy to see. It’s best to take your vehicle to a specialist who can give you a thorough diagnosis. For example, if you had a BMW, you would take your vehicle to a specialist in BMW auto repair. Ask your mechanic to look for anything that could easily corrode and how much battery life your vehicle is likely to have left.


Keep It Indoors

Many people make the mistake of keeping their vehicles outdoors with a cover on. The majority of car covers don’t allow breathing space, which results in condensation building up on the paint. The last thing you want to do is uncover your vehicle a few months later to find rusting on your paint work. If you don’t have a garage space, consider purchasing an instant garage. It inflates the same way a tent would and could save you a lot of money on renting garage space.


Keep It Running

The best thing you can do for your vehicle is start it up every so often. When you get a dry day, start up your vehicle and take it for a short run. This will ensure the battery stays operable and you’ll avoid electrical, suspension or brake problems when you finally take it out of storage again. A twenty-minute run is more than adequate to keep your vehicle in top condition.


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