WV enters digital era of automobiles


There is a quick convergence that is taking place between automobiles and wireless connectivity and the German Automaker Volkswagen Group is all set to go ahead and enter the digitization era of automobiles.

According to Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen, “The two ground breaking inventions – automobile and the computer – are moving closer together.” Dr.
Winterkorn was speaking in Hanover, Germany at the inaugural ceremony of CeBIT 2014. He further said, “We need to shape the mobility of the future in an even more intelligent, more networked way.”

CeBIT is an electronic trade show that is held annually. This show is regarded as the biggest and most international expo of computers. While talking at the event, WinterKorn stated that the growing interaction of cars with their surrounding is the primary thing for intelligent mobility in the future.

In this effort, Dr. Winterkorn uncovered the Audi’s James 2025, which is a concept car of the future. The display showed some changes in the steering wheel, position of the driver’s seat, and light accents. Not only this, the instrument panel placed onward the steering wheel is also missing in the future car.

Moreover, to show the planned driving movements, there is a pop-up screen in the car coming from the center stack offering details. These details in the screen will let the driver know what is coming up while driving. Besides, the car has a large touch screen over the dash proving infotainment functions. This screen can also be navigated through motion sensing technology.

In this regard the VW Group has also recently launched a future-oriented initiative called ‘Future Tracks’ that will handle major challenges being faced by the automobile industry, including

Winterkorn announced an investment of US $5.3 billion and 9300 highly-qualified IT specialists for this initiative.


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