Yasheens Tornado Red Mk5 Gti


We’r bringing back our Readers Rides on VdubNews.com – And boy are you in for a treat.  Every week we’ll be featuring one super styling Volkswagen from South Africa.

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Meet Yasheen Singh.  Hailing out of Johannesburg South (Lenasia) and takes pride in his appearances and this superhot VW Mk5 GTi is no exception.

Yasheens Tornado Red Gti had all the factory trimmings but that was not enough.  He upgraded the software and on the exterior Yasheen took things to a whole new level.

The front bumper is finished with a Vortex Lower lip, DSG Front Vents and smoke headlight covers give it some attitude. Riding on a set of 19″ OEM S55 AMG Alloys and wrapped with in 235-35-19″ Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres. Yasheen lowered it a wee bit with H&R springs and popped in scirocco shocks to give this Gti the ultimate in Stance!

Other mods include a 1pc Forge CAI system, Pioneer DVD Touchscreen player and occasionally you’ll see him sport an ECS Bonnet bra.

Future plans (yes, vw modding has no end:) include upgrading the air intake, lowering the car further, boost gauge and a performance bump with some Revo upgrades mixed in with an Audi S3 inter-cooler and hopefully a K04 Turbo conversion!

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  1. Ziyaad says

    great car..but merc rims?
    really now.. maybe Audi..Porsche..Lambo.. Bentley even Bugatti!

  2. Reolan says

    Great car…some people set trends, some people follow…wheels are the bomb on this car….

  3. Stabber says

    It looks hot, very bold going out on the Merc rims…………. and it works.

    whats wrong with you Ziyaad?

  4. Yasheen says

    Hi Ziyaad,

    Thank You for your comment.

    Reason for the Merc rims is because I love them and I think they suit the car perfectly. To me that is what matters at the end of the day… not the badge.

  5. Yasheen says

    @Reolan & Stabber, Thanks for the kind words guys.

  6. Isuzu Double Trouble says

    Thats 1 hot VDUB dude, love the wheels and that nose bra…DROOL!

  7. Yasheen says

    Thanks Isuzu Double Trouble.

  8. Therven says

    Does anyone have a spare set of undies cause I think I just sprayed the one’s I have on……great style and well pulled off!

    @Ziyaad, So if he had Toyota rims on then it would also have been acceptable but just not merc rims? I think secretly you love them but you just can’t have them…

  9. Yasheen says

    LOL @Therven.

    Thanks Bro for your kind words too.

  10. yakuza says

    Well done buddy!!

    looks nice and fresh!

  11. Yasheen says

    Thanks Yakuza…

    The plan is to keep it fresh for a long long time 🙂

  12. StoneIce says

    Mercedes Rims on the VW Golf… It look stupid… Go Change the Mercedes Disc or Icon to the VW Disc..

  13. Stabber says

    Hey StoneIce, are you smoking dried shit?
    what do you drive?

  14. Therven says


    Your comment makes no sense i.e. “Mercedes Rims on the VW Golf… It look stupid… Go Change the Mercedes Disc or Icon to the VW Disc”

    Even if you change the ICON (It’s called a badge or centre cap) it will still be a merc rim and then people like you will be very quick to say “See that idiot got a VW ICON on a merc rim”…..eish, haters will be haters!

  15. Yasheen says


    Thanks for your input but I find it hard to understand what you trying to say? Do you mean I need to change the Badge on the wheel?

    If so I have no intention of doing that. I LOVE the Merc wheels as they are but I am sure that you will do the justice you want to your car 🙂

  16. Stabersami says

    Hey Yash, the car looks hot, I see a lot of jealousy here! People with nothing good/comstructive to say, should STFU…gooogle it noob!

  17. Yasheen says


    Excellent point

  18. StoneIce says

    No i am serious … maybe taste different..
    I like Mercedes car.. it just you drive a super nice Golf GTI and why a merc rim on a VW car… i just have a taste different..

    @ Stabber.. I drive a VW GOLF MK 2 GTI ..
    Classic one..

    It was His choose… the rim self look nice.
    alright you guys win…

  19. Yasheen says

    Thank You Heath, I appreciate the kind words.

    @StoneIce, Each one to their own bud. You not the only one that is not a Fan of the Merc wheels on my VW but I am cool with that.

  20. StoneIce says

    and yeah the Badge on the wheel.. soz that what i mean.

  21. Stabber says


    WTF did you just write?
    I am so sorry i dont understand Shit talk.

    I drive a passion wagons, I dont do GTI’s, they are too small for my stabbing.

    you have now been Stabbed.


  22. StoneIce says

    Ok No Problem Yasheen..

    It is your car .. your choose…
    Enjoy the Modification on your golf..
    The guys with the MK5 is rare to do modifi…

    The other guys… mmmm i don’t care what they said… lol

  23. Therven says

    @StoneIce: It’s cool that your taste is different but just sit back and think about how many G5’s are out there, now think about if all of them parked next to each other which one would stand out more? The one million with the detroits or the one with the merc rims?

  24. Stabber says


    the word is choice, C H O I C E.

    got it?

    we love you too..

  25. Yasheen says

    Thanks Deeso… yip definately trying to make some calculated decisions on this car.. I don’t want to be a sheep.. LOL

    @Stabber.. LOL

    @Thevern … you continue to make excellent points.

  26. Stabber says

    Wan Stone, buddy o pal o buddy……..

    please put a shirt on, ur FB profile doesnt show your car, post it on photostand or something and send one link.


  27. stoneice says

    Sign stabber… You seriously hate me… Go on .. Enjoy it… Drive with your family wagon car… Scream on your kids or whatever… You have a seriously problem dude..and o yes… Stabber for to stab a deadly dagger at the back… Nice one..

  28. Stabber says



    To be really honest, I dont understand what u wrote there buddy O pal O buddy.

    I’m a lover not a fighter.


  29. Mags says

    That looks Hot Yash, well done for not being a sheep and following. Set your own trend bud 😉

  30. Stiggasami says

    Nice one Yashmeera, we all know haters gonna hate! The cab looks much better in the flesh although we only see it once a year. lol

  31. Niteshnie says

    nice looking cab there Yashnie!!

  32. Stiggasami says

    Amen Mags, like i once said in life you get leaders and you get sheep, the self proclaimed leaders are not true leaders but are leaders because of the dumb sheep. lol.

  33. Yasheen says

    LOL.. where are all these funny names coming from.. Come on Guys the Internets is serious business.

    Anyways thanks for the kind words guys…

  34. nivash says

    great car ,looks good too
    but sadly golfs are for girls….

  35. Yasheen says

    Hi Nivash,

    Thanks for the compliment and LOL @ Golf’s are for girls…

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